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Garage Door Screens

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Note This drawing does not show garage door (below) , just the opening. Standing inside garage looking outside.

Measurement from floor to top of Header framing (orange arrow) must be at least 6 inches higher than your garage opening.   Eg.  Your opening is 7 feet  High ,  you need at least 7' 6"  so you can install Velcro onto wooden 2 x 6 across entire top of garage opening ( If height is not 7' 6" you have to install a 2" x 4" across entire width)

Measurement from door track bracket on left side to door track bracket on right side  (blue arrow)   should be at least 3 inches ( or more) wider than your actual garage opening   Eg.  Your garage opening is 9 feet Wide , you need at least   9' 3" across. Install Velcro from top to bottom of side frame just beside garage door bracket ( butt  Velcro up to bracket)

Install pulleys at least  1 inch above velcro at top of header as shown

Please Note: Garage screen must be rolled  up before closing your garage door to prevent screen from catching on garage door. !!!!