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Garage Door Screens

Quality is #1


Pulley with cord on left side of garage  frame. Pulley cord with blue eyelet fastener,  fastened into weather strip.  ( Notice black velcro on frame just in front of weather strip)

 BroshurePics005.jpg picture by garagescreens

Cord lock and pulley on right side of garage frame.

Both pulley cord ends are inserted through cord lock. Cord lock should be positioned close to  pulley when screen is in down position


Note to customer : If customer is going to use pulley system, a metal ( not plastic) 1/2 inch electrical conduit pipe must be installed in bottom of Instant Garage Screen  ( Have pipe cut 4  inches shorter than  the width of  Instant Garage Screen)   We do not supply conduit pipe due to packing and shipping costs.   Customer can purchase conduit pipe from your local hardware store for under $ 8.00

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