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Garage Door Screens

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Questions and Answers

Q. Where do I install Instant Garage Screen?
A.  Garage screen can be mounted 2 ways.  Can be mounted on the inside of garage on wooden 2 x 4s  around inside of garage frame ( recommended, called Inside Mount in web store) or on the door
jambs and header  (garage frame),  just in front of weather strip. (street side)

Q. What is the hook and the loop?
The hook and loop is the type of fastener used to secure screen.

Q. Where does the hook go?
A. The self-adhesive hook is installed by customer around garage door jambs and header in front of 
weather strip.(street side)

Q. Will the hook stay secure when installed on frame?
Yes, for proper adhesion  temperature must be 66 degrees or warmer and must cure 24 hours before installing screen.

Q. Where does the loop go?
The loop has been sewn on both sides and top of the Instant Garage Screen

Q. How do I enter garage with my car after  screen is installed?
The Instant Garage Screen has a pulley system which works similar to a window blind.

Q. What is supplied with Instant Garage Screen?
Garage screen, self-adhesive hook, pulley system, draw cord, screws, cord lock and cleat.

Q. What tools are required?
A robertson screwdriver( #2 square head) for installation of pulley system.

Q. Will Instant Garage Screen keep children and pets inside?
No, the Instant Garage Screen is meant to keep insects and debris out of garage.

Q. Can the garage door be closed with the Instant Garage Screen installed?
Yes, Instant Garage Screen does not interfere with garage door.


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